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WordPress plugin “Target Visitors”

Plugin “Target Visitors” shows a special message for visitors coming from search engines: Google, Yandex, Mail, Yahoo, Liveinternet, Rambler, Altavista, Msn.

Plugin Activation

Download archive target-visitors. Copy folder “target-visitors” in  directory /plugins/. Go to admin panel and activate plugin “Target Visitors”.

Plugin Options

Target visitors optionsYou will see 2 fields: message and css code. You can change message code using this tags:

[PERMALINK] – current page’s URL
[SE_REQUEST] – search engine request that user coming by
[RSS_URL] – you RSS url

If you want to change css code you need to make css file writable.

Mark checkbox if you want to autoset plugin to single.php page.

How to install code

After saving options data you need to put this code:

<? if(function_exists("wp_target_visitors")) wp_target_visitors(); ?>

on any page with content, like: single.php (if you don’t mark checkbox), archive.php, search.php, etc.

To see plugin in action you need to come to your blog from search engine request.

Target visitors message preview